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Series 30 500A

Series 30 500A

Bi-Stable Power Relays 500 A

 Bi-Stable Power Relays 1000 A


Bi-Stable Power Relays, Series 30

Competence, experience and innovative design result in a power relay series with unique characteristics, the KISSLING Series 30 Bistable-Power-Relay.

This power relay with a patented magnetic circuit and permanent magnetic holding state, requires no holding-coil power. The pull-in coil or the drop-out coil are energised by an impulse only, moving the contact system into the final position held by a permanent magnetic circuit.

With this special magnetic circuit comparable parameters to the single or dual coil system power relays in identical ratings are achieved. In particular high shock and vibration characteristics and low contact voltage drop.

The permanent magnetic holding of contact state requires no power and therefore no coil heat generation takes place.

Environmental sealing with protection standards of IP67 and IP6K9K (steam pressure cleaning) iaw IEC 60529 and DIN 40050-9 is one of the basic characteristics of this bistable series.

Other important advantages are the extremely compact design, low holding current, contact material of silver alloy and use of mechanical and high thermal stability insulating compounds.

The terminals and housing are protected against corrosion.

The Series 30 includes power relays in amperages of 75 Amps, 120 Amps, 200 Amps, 300 Amps, 500 Amps and 1000 Amps in nominal voltages of 12 & 24 V.

Special types with auxiliary contacts or with power-NC-auxiliary contacts for D+ disconnecting in GGVS / ADR applications are available.

Four bracket styles permit solutions for various installations.

The unique KISSLING Bistable-Power-Relay is available to satisfy various applications in areas of Defence, Aerospace, trucks, railway, construction machinery, ground support and lift trucks.

Detailed information regarding the various types is available on request.
Please test our competence and know-how. Unique relays can be developed in conjunction with client specifications.

Datasheet Downloads

download  Series 30 500A Bi-Stable Power Relays KISSLING.pdf (0,71 MB)

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