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Series C500/CH800/CH801/CH1030

Series C500/CH800/CH801/CH1030

Series CH500/CH800/CH801/CH1030

High-voltage contactors up to 3 kV DC / 1.5 kV AC

The single pole high-voltage contactors are designed for nominal loads of 50 kW (AC und DC). They are primarily used for load switching in power supply systems and as heater bank main and control contactors for air-conditioning and heating systems.

Double-break contacts ensure safe turn-off. Arc horns on the fixed contacts guide the arc into the attached arc chute.


  • Compact design
  • Double-break contacts
  • Coil tolerance: -30% .... +25%
  • Designed for nominal loads of 16 kW AC / DC
  • Range of applications:
    • Load switching in power supply systems
    • Main and control contactor for air- conditioning and heating systems

Datasheet Downloads

download  Series_C500_CH800_CH801_CH1030 High Voltage Contactors SCHALTBAU.pdf (389,50 KB)

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