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Control Relays feed

DOLD Control devices

  • Timers
  • Bus modules
  • CANopen PLC
  • Interface-/ Switching relays

 Already in 1978, DOLD could introduce their first PLC in the standard housing of the automotive and machine tool industry.  It goes without saying that the current-generation DOLD PLC is fieldbus-capable. Moreover, it is also available in the degree of protection IP67. An extensive range of fieldbus-capable input and output modules is also available, as peripheral modules of a PLC, for example. Coupling relays are used as connecting links between the highly-sensitive logic circuitry of a PLC and the raw operation at the machine. DOLD offers products of this kind in a variety of sizes and with different contacts.

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Name Code Image Description Data
AD8851 D AD 8851 AD8851
Control technique Latching relay AD 8851 download
BA7632 D BA 7632 BA7632
Control technique Stepping relay BA 7632 download
BG5595 D BG 5595 BG5595
Time control technique Switched power supply BG 5595 download
BH5594 D BH 5594 BH5594
Time control technique Power supply unit BH 5594 download
DX5504 D DX 5504 DX5504
Time control technique CANopen PLC DX 5504 minimaster® download
DX5509 D DX 5509 DX5509
Time control technique I/O Module DX 5509 for CANopen download
HC3094 D HC 3094 HC3094
Safety / Control technique Interface module HL 3094, HO 3094, HO 3095 SAFEMASTER® download
HC3096 D HC 3096 HC3096
Safety / Control technique Interface module HC 3096, HL 3096 safemaster® download
IG3051 D IG 3051 IG3051
Installation/Control technique Interface relay IG 3051 Input - output interface relay download
IK3070 D IK 3070 IK3070
Installation/Control technique Interface relay IK 3070, Interface relay system I_ 3070 Input-output interface relay download
IK3076 D IK 3076 IK3076
Installation/Control technique Interface relay IK 3076, SK 3076 Input interface relay - Output interface relay download
IK8802 D IK 8802 IK8802
Installation/Control technique Interface relay IK 8802 Input-output interface rela download
IL5504 D IL 5504 IL5504
Time control technique CANopen PLC IL 5504, IN 5504 minimaster® download
IL5512 D IL 5512 IL5512
Installation/control/monitoring technique Two-wire module IL 5512 download
IL5513_28 D IL 5513_28 IL5513_28
Installation/control/monitoring technique Digital output module IL 5513.28 and IP 5513.29 download
IN5509 D IN 5509 IN5509
Time control technique Input / Output module IN 5509 for CANopen download
IP 5513_25 D IP 5513_25 IP 5513_25
Installation/control/monitoring technique Digital input module IL 5513.24 and IP 5513.25 download
IP5502 D IP 5502 IP5502
Time control technique Input module IP 5502 for CANopen download
IP5503 D IP 5503 IP5503
Time control technique Output module IP 5503 for CANopen download
IP5515 D IP 5515 IP5515
Installation/control/monitoring technique Two wire repeater module IP 5515 download

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Results 1 - 20 of 28



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