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Velocity Sensors feed



● Contactless sensing of mechanical motion such as the rotational speed of drives or shafts.
● Pulses are generated by the movement of ferrous gear teeth, for example, as they pass the sensor head.
● The electronic control circuitry and sensor head are designed as an integral unit.
● The electronic control circuitry is reverse polarity protected.
● A digital output is available corresponding to the frequency of movement past the sensor.
● Available either with 2 m permanent cable or with 3-pole connector

Name Code Image Description Data
MSZ214-218 E MSZ MSZ214-218
Velocity sensors MSZ214 and MSZ218 are electro-magnetic transducers with self excitation. MSZ214 has a diameter of 14 mm (M14 thread) and MSZ218 a diameter of 18 mm (M18 thread). download



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