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Electronic feed

Electronic Overcurrent Protection


Typical Applications
Ideally suited to protect equipment components in industrial applications and supply lines which are fed by means of DC24V switch-mode power supply.

Electronic overcurrent protection prevents short-term voltage dips of switch-mode power supplies to values below 18 V both in the event of a short circuit and in the event of overload in the load circuit. At the same time the products provide selective protection or disconnection even at very unfavourable overload conditions. Other features include current-limited switch-on of loads with high input capacities without increasing the current ratings as well as failure signalling.

More information
... is available under each product. In order to compare breakers within a certain product group, select them by means of the check box and then hit the button "Product Comparison".

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Name Code Image Description Data Length Width Height
The electronic circuit breaker ESS1 is designed to ensure selective disconnection of individual loads in industrial systems which are powered by a DC 24 V switch mode power supply.[DC 24v, 3A/6A] download
100 18 55
ESS20-1-2-4-DC24V ESS20-1 ESS20-1-2-4-DC24V
Type ESS20-1.. has a width of only 12.5 mm and selectively protects all DC 24 V loads through a combination of active electronic current limitation and well-proven circuit breaker technology including physical isolation and manual actuation. download
105 12.2 60
ESS20/SVS02 ESS300-339 ESS20/SVS02
Electronic circuit breaker type ESS20-0.. is designed to ensure selective disconnection of individual loads in systems which are powered by a DC 24 V switch-mode power supply.[1A - 10A] download
105 12 60
ESX10-100-24VDC-4A ESX001-010 ESX10-100-24VDC-4A
Electronic circuit protector type ESX10 is designed to ensure selective disconnection of DC 24 V load systems.[0.5 - 12A] download
70 12 60
Electronic Circuit Protector DC 24 V, max. 12 A, 1 LED, reset input, status output, track mountable.[DC24v, .5-12A] download
83 12.5 80
ESX10-TC DC 12 V ESX10 ESX10-TC DC 12 V
Electronic circuit protector type ESX10-TC is designed to ensure selective disconnection of DC 12 V load systems. download
83 12.5 80
Power Plex EPP001-010 Power Plex
PowerPlex is a CAN based system for connecting and controlling electrical loads, and for monitoring and transmitting sensor data and commands. [12/24VDC, 102A] download
265 173 87

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