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Electronic Enclosures feed

Functionality and safety for the built-in electronics.

Variability and the best possible adaptation to individual electronics are the key features offered by ROSE electronic enclosures. The three product lines provide the best possible protection in all applications.

Multitronic - PCB enclosures in many different designs
Profitronic - Profile enclosures for sophisticated electronics that can be used both indoors and outdoors
Wavetronic - Desktop enclosures for lab and instrumentation technology, variable in height
NoVoTronic - Aluminium profile enclosure system in 3 sizes. For data collection, PC, measurement and control technology.


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Name Code Image Description Data
ALU-Topline B Alu-Topline ALU-Topline
Alu-Topline, BOPLA presents a new desktop enclosure whose innovative enclosure technology and ergonomic lines create new opportunities for use in the field of data recording and processing. download
Alumas B Alumas Alumas
Alumas – versatile profile design for desktop and wall applications. download
Aluplan B Aluplan Aluplan
The all-purpose enclosure system download
AluStyle B Alustyle AluStyle
With ALUSTYLE, BOPLA introduces a new profile enclosure whose remarkable technology offers the user almost unlimited possibilities download
Bopult B Bopult Bopult
An elegant, ergonomic design is what distinguishes these two ABS console enclosures. download
BOTEGO, BOPLA´s enclosure system, sets new standards in enclosure technology download
Bovista B Bovista Bovista
Bovista is the development of a individually adaptable enclosure for use in building automation systems and many other fields of electronics download
Circum Circum Circum
Elegant B Elegant Elegant
Elegant Electronic enclosure. download
Element B Element Element
Element. Electronic Enclosure download
Futura/Protas B Futura_Protas Futura/Protas
Futura/Protas. Keypad enclosure in plastic, designed for DP work places and based on ergonomic principles download
Intertego B Intertego Intertego
Intertego desktop enclosure download
Multitronic R Multitronic Multitronic
Multitronic. EMC Aluminium enclosure system for measurement and control application download
Multitronic SE R Multitronic SE Multitronic SE
Multitronic SE. Aluminium extrusion with integrated guide grooves, with front frame and rear wall download
Multitronic SE 200 R Multitronic SE 200 Multitronic SE 200
Multitronic SE 200. The SE 200 enclosure series is the switchboard-installation enclosure system for sensitive MSR electronics. download
Multitronic TS_TS-F R Multitronic TS_TS-F Multitronic TS_TS-F
Multitronic TS_TS-F. EMC plug-in family of aluminium enclosures for rail and for wall mounting, designed to house instrumentation and control components. download
NoVoTronic R NoVoTronic NoVoTronic
NoVoTronic. Aluminium profile enclosure system in 5 sizes. For data collection, PC, measurement and control technology download
NovoTronic 19' R NovoTronic 19' NovoTronic 19'
NovoTronic 19'. Wall, desk or assembly version possible download
Profitronic R Profitronic Profitronic
Profitronic. EMC plug-in family of aluminium enclosures for electronic modules requiring IP 65 or IP 40 protection. download
Profitronic 19 R Profitronic 19 Profitronic 19
Profitronic 19. Profitronic 19 is a modular 19" plug-in enclosure system for industrial requirements, suitable for use wherever efficient IP 65 protection is asked for download

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Results 1 - 20 of 36



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