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Name Code Image Description Data
K70 D K70 K70
Enclosure Series K70, Widths from 22,5 to 150 mm, With up to 32 flat terminals, For DIN-rail mounting or screw fixing download
KO 4000 D KO 4000 KO 4000
Series KO 4000, Widths from 22,5 to 200 mm, Solder or pluggable terminal strips for direct terminal to PCB connection, Box or flat terminals download
KO 4030 D KO 4030 KO 4030
Series KO 4030, Widths from 22,5 to 90 mm, With up to 56 box-terminals with captive plus-minus-screws, Removable terminal blocks for plug-in connection to PCBs download
KO 4070 D KO 4070 KO 4070
Series KO 4070, Widths from 12,5 to 28 mm,With up to 16 box terminals, Captive plus-minus-screws download
KO 4300 D KO 4300 KO 4300
Series KO 4300,Width from 22,5 mm to 90 mm, Enclosure depth 118 mm or 97 mm, Terminal blocks for machine soldering on printed circuit board, optional with plugable screw terminals or cage clamp terminals download
KO 4900 D KO 4900 KO 4900
Series KO 4900, Widths from 17,5 to 70 mm, With up to 32 connection terminals, With captive plus-minus-terminal screws or with cage clamps download
KSS Stainless hinge R KSS Hinge KSS Stainless hinge
KSS Stainless hinge. High quality enclosure systems and components for hygienic areas and aggressive environments  
KU 4000 D KU 4000 KU 4000
Series KU 4000, Widths from 17,5 to 140 mm, With up to 64 connection terminals, With captive plus-minus-terminal screws or with cage clamps, Safe connection of max. 2 connection wires of different cross section download
KU 4100 D KU 4100 KU 4100
Series KU 4100, with selectable connection possibilities, Module widths 17.5 mm, 35 mm, 70 mm, 105 mm, 140 mm, Nominal depth 64 mm for overall panel depth max. 70 mm to DIN 43880 download
Limanda P Limanda Limanda
Limanda. Polyamide hand-held enclosure for data acquisition, MCR and automation engineering download
Mini Polyglass R glass Mini Polyglass
Polyglass. Durable plastic enclosures with hinged cover for industrial applications: download
Mobile console stand R Mobile console stand Mobile console stand
Mobile console stand. Mobile stand system for control components  
Multitronic R Multitronic Multitronic
Multitronic. EMC Aluminium enclosure system for measurement and control application download
Multitronic SE R Multitronic SE Multitronic SE
Multitronic SE. Aluminium extrusion with integrated guide grooves, with front frame and rear wall download
Multitronic SE 200 R Multitronic SE 200 Multitronic SE 200
Multitronic SE 200. The SE 200 enclosure series is the switchboard-installation enclosure system for sensitive MSR electronics. download
Multitronic TS_TS-F R Multitronic TS_TS-F Multitronic TS_TS-F
Multitronic TS_TS-F. EMC plug-in family of aluminium enclosures for rail and for wall mounting, designed to house instrumentation and control components. download
Norvent Handheld R Norvent Norvent Handheld
Norvent Handheld. NORVENT has been developed for all applications in automation and data processing technology.  
NoVoTronic R NoVoTronic NoVoTronic
NoVoTronic. Aluminium profile enclosure system in 5 sizes. For data collection, PC, measurement and control technology download
NovoTronic 19' R NovoTronic 19' NovoTronic 19'
NovoTronic 19'. Wall, desk or assembly version possible download
Pilot 10/20/30 R Pilot 10/20/30 Pilot 10/20/30
Pilot 10/20/30. Enclosures with pushbuttons and switches for mobile applications in automation and instrumentation industries. download

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Results 61 - 80 of 150



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