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Home Articles DC 12 V Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10-TC

DC 12 V Electronic Circuit Protector ESX10-TC

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Slim design – selective protection – remote control.

Technical Information:

Low voltage – but high safety requirements:

DC 12 V systems need to be protected reliably and selectively against overload and short circuit and in particular system parts which are powered by electronic DC 12 V switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) require electronic circuit protectors which exclude high fault currents by means of an integral current limitation. They keep the 12 V supply stable and prevent failures of connected loads. Due to its electronic trip characteristics the circuit protector ESX10-TC responds precisely and selectively. Short circuit currents will be limited to max. 1.8 times rated current; thus the SMPS will not even see the short circuit and will continue supplying the remaining system. Only the faulty path will be disconnected: fast, reliably and selectively.

Its robust, yet slim design with 80 mm height and depth and 12.5 mm width allows space-saving installation in control cabinets. The ESX10-TC is track-mountable and can be mounted side-by-side for multi-way protection concepts in any chosen number. The visual status indication and remote RESET and ON/OFF functionalities allow installation in hardly accessible areas and ex-protected outdoor systems in the petrochemical industry, which are often battery-buffered systems powered by solar modules.

12 V voltage levels for motor test stands and test equipment in car manufacturing or 12 V displays in steel industry and mechanical engineering also benefit from the ESX10-TC’s precision.

Technical Data

Operating voltage
DC 12 V (9…18 V)
Trip curvecurrent limitation with electronic disconnection, for all types of loads
Switch-on delaytypically 10 ms
Current ratings
1…10 A
Overload disconnection
typically 1.1 times rated current
Short circuit current1.5 to 1.8 times rated current
Trip timesoverload: typically 3 s
short circuit: typically 50 ms…3 s
SignallingLED status indication
status output SF (short circuit proof)
Signal input
remote reset, remote ON/OFF
Manual actuationON/OFF/RESET button

Features and Benefits

  • Professional overcurrent protection prevents undefined fault conditions, stoppages and production downtimes
  • Flexible configuration and wiring through integral busbars for distribution of potential + 12 V DC and 0 V
  • Ease of expansion of the protection concept in the control cabinet through side-by-side mounting of ESX10-TC
  • Cost reduction through space-saving installation and compact design (width only 12.5 mm)
  • Screw terminals of all potentials, loads and status signals increase export capability of your systems – international approvals pending
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (F_ESX10-TC_DC12V_us_040510A.pdf)ESX10-TC_DC12V 342 Kb



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