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Home Articles E-T-A Electronic Circuit Protector for Machine Construction and Process Control

E-T-A Electronic Circuit Protector for Machine Construction and Process Control

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Electronic Circuit Protector for Machine Construction and Process Control

Electronic circuit protector ESX10-TD-Vario expands DC24V concept

Altdorf, 15.4.2010 – E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, located in Altdorf near Nürnberg in Germany, specialises in protection and power management in automation systems. They have now expanded their DC24V system range by the electronic circuit protector ESX10-TD-Vario. This is an enhancement of type ESX10-T which has already been well-established in the automation industry. It is also track-mountable and in addition features a variable current rating selection of 2 A / 4 A / 6 A to precisely adjust the product to an existing plant or system.

The space-saving device has a width of only 12.5 mm and 80 mm height and depth and offers a sophisticated bus bar concept for power supply and zero potential. Both single and group signalling and individually be realised. The snap-on foot of the housing has two moulded caps which can be removed if required and pushed into a matching groove on the side to close off the busbars. This provides reliable protection against contact of the different plus potentials.

The DC 24 V power supply and the load connection to the protected plus and zero conductor are by means of a screw terminal for cables up to 10 mm2, either directly on the devices or on a separate line entry module. The screw terminal is made of a high-strength copper alloy and has been designed to the well-proven Reakdyn principle. It ensures reliable line connection. Typical applications of the ESX10-TD-Vario could be compact control units, e.g. in classical mechanical engineering, in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industry as well as in car production.

Reliable selective load protection

In the event of overload or short circuit in the load circuit, the selective load protection will only disconnect the faulty path without any repercussions on the DC 24 V supply, thus avoiding a voltage dip when only one load circuit is faulty which would have all loads connected to the switch-mode power supply fail and probably cause an entire system stoppage. Type ESX10‑TD‑Vario limits the short circuit current to 1.8 times the selected rated current and disconnects the faulty circuit after 100 ms. Inrush peaks, however, will be tolerated so that capacitive loads of more than 20,000 mF and small DC motors will not be a problem. In the event of overload the circuit protector will electronically disconnect from 1.1 times rated current after 3 sec.

The current rating of the device can be adjusted in three steps - 2 A / 4 A / 6 A - and makes purchasing and stock-taking significantly easier as only one device can be used for different circuits. Marking with an additional warranty label showing the selected current rating ensures that later inconspicuous manipulations after approval of the entire machine or system are excluded.


The electronic circuit protector ESX10-TD-Vario has been tested to UL 2367, UL 508 and CSA 22.2 and is thus internationally approved as “Solid State Overcurrent Protector“. It is therefore ideally suited for applications all over the world.


The electronic circuit protector ESX10-TD-Vario offers compact DC 24 V protection for rail mounting with 3 adjustable current ratings.


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