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Home Articles DN signal connectors – reliable contact in rough environments

DN signal connectors – reliable contact in rough environments

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DN signal connectors – reliable contact in rough environments

The DN-series connectors from Schaltbau transmit sensitive signals reliably and safely – well protected from moisture and dust, heat and cold, vibrations and electromagnetic interference.

The NF connector has been the number 1 choice in audio and communications engineering for years. With its robust spring-loaded contact system, watertight closure and insensitivity to electromagnetic interference, a great number of industrial customers also wanted to benefit from it. The only obstacle was the cost: the specially designed connector, which is manufactured in accordance with military standards, could not be supplied at industry prices. Thus the idea evolved to develop a high-quality signal connector for use in mass production.

A customer-specific development acted as the forerunner of the DN series. A customer was looking for an automatic ignition system for detonating sea mines that featured extremely reliable contact and watertight qualities in one design. As the connector is also destroyed with the mine, the customer required large numbers of this item at an acceptable price.

In view of these considerations a connector was developed with a robust plastic shell, equipped with a spring-loaded contact system similar to the NF series and watertight (sealed to IP68, plugged and unplugged) – the precursor of our DN Plastic model.

Shielding such as that offered by the NF is, of course, a great advantage for all applications in which external electromagnetic fields need to be attenuated. For this reason we also developed a metal version of the DN with a shielding effect of over 70 dB at 1 MHz.


An overview of the aims of the DN development:

  • A connector for signal transmission with highly reliable contact in rough industrial environments
  • Not a push-pull connector but rather a handy spring-loaded contact plug like the NF: press – a quick twist – done!
  • Ergonomic, attractive design
  • High quality at an affordable price



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