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Home Articles Mine Sweepers with E-T-A PowerPlex

Mine Sweepers with E-T-A PowerPlex

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Mine Sweepers with E-T-A PowerPlex

Some weeks ago the US Navy successfully concluded their first test of a completely unmanned mine-sweeping vessel. Mine detection is always a task of top priority because of the mortal danger for the crew of manned ships.
The E-T-A PowerPlex was also on board. It is a de-centralised, individually configurable power distribution and control system, consisting of a number of modules distributed on the boat for connection of loads, switches and sensors. These components communicate with each other via a CAN bus system which allows the entire system to behave like a single control computer despite their different locations.
Testimonials of the US Navy confirm that the E-T-A PowerPlex features superior user convenience, a wealth of possibilities for on-board power management and unrivalled reliability.



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