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Home Articles New Intertego aluminium profile enclosure from Bopla

New Intertego aluminium profile enclosure from Bopla

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INTERTEGO features and product components speak for great interest:

  • Features an excellent and innovative design
  • It is an aluminium profile enclosure: All components are easy to handle and are easy to mount, which makes it very comfortable for the customer
  • It is available in two different sizes and individual widths and depths: Endless opportunities for customers to realize their ideas result from this feature
  • It is kept in the same design as ALUSTYLE: That makes it possible to realize product families
  • It belongs to the range of desktop enclosures: For the first time it is possible to use the INTERTEGO enclosure as a 19”-enclosure with only small adaptations
  • It can be adapted to every requirement by the use of EMC-components: Customers get a fast and simple complete solution
  • It provides innovative features and a huge range of accessories: Many applications can be realized with INTERTEGO; furthermore the enclosure can be adjusted to the customer’s ideas regarding its design, etc.

INTERTEGO Target Groups:

  • Customers who already use Aluplan, but would like to use a newer and more innovative design and do not require IP protection IP 65
  • Customers who purchase ALUBOS, Alustyle and Aluplan, but do need larger dimensions
  • Customers producing laboratory- and medicine equipment and measuring tools





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