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Home Articles Schaltbau CT1000 3kV Contactor – Special features and advantages for the user

Schaltbau CT1000 3kV Contactor – Special features and advantages for the user

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A completely new and unique concept is implemented in the CT1000: a sophisticated but simply designed system combines the benefits of electromagnetic and permanent-magnetic blowout technology. This design has a number of advantages which directly benefits the user:

Polarity independence
Thanks to the mirror-image design the CT contactor it can operate independent of polarity. Unidirectional or bidirectional direct current or alternating current can be switched with the same device.

Low-wear, compact design
The arcs dwell for an extremely short time in the contact zones because they are already ignited in a powerful permanent magnetic field. Burn-up on the contacts is thus kept to a minimum.
The arc itself activates the electromagnetic fields that blow it into the arc chute. The coils therfore only need to feed high current for a minimal amount of time and can be relatively lightly constructed. No additional mechanical or electrical elements are required (advanced contacts, wires, etc.). Thereby wear-sensitive components can be omitted and the design remains relatively straightforward and compact.

No critical current range
The invention also shows its strengths in its ability to reliably switch off lower currents at high voltage: If the power of the electromagnetic blowout field is not sufficient the arcs are stretched by the influence of the permanent magnet and thereby extinguished. The critical current range – typical for purely electromagnetic blowout concepts – is not present in the CT.

Easy to install and modular
The CT contactor is relatively compact in comparison to others of its class. It is designed for straightforward integration in the current circuit.
The design and the dimensions of the contactor enable multi-pole systems to be constructed.

A technically efficient and economically viable product has grown up from the CT concept that can be used in all kinds of railway networks throughout the world.

Successful test operation in the drive control of  metrorail coaches. The four CT contactors per train unit are laterally mounted directly behind the current collector (3000 volts DC).

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