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Home Articles E-T-A PowerPlex – Bus System for Marine Applications

E-T-A PowerPlex – Bus System for Marine Applications

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E-T-A PowerPlex – Bus System for the Protection and Control of Electrical Installations in Recreational and Work Boats.

E-T-A PowerPlex is a comprehensive system which significantly reduces the need for conventional wiring, and combines reliability and user convenience, in easy-toinstall modules purpose designed to meet the special requirements of watercraft – today and in the future. E-T-A PowerPlex incorporates high-end power semi-conductors with integral protective elements for switching and protecting electrical loads. The system is free of any mechanical components which would be subject to wear or be susceptible to vibration, shock and other environmental influences. Unlike other methods of electrical protection, the semi-conductors provide integral current limitation thereby ensuring that the operating current cannot exceed predetermined limits, even in the event of a short circuit. This represents a major
contribution to safety and reliability.

E-T-A PowerPlex consists of modules positioned as required around the vessel to facilitate the connection of loads, switches and sensors. The various components communicate with each other via a CAN bus to function as a single control system despite their different locations. As each PowerPlex module has its own micro processor, the installation does not require a central controller: each unit is able to work independently. By mounting the modules as close as possible to the loads, wiring and installation cost can be kept to a minimum.

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