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Home Articles ControlPlex®Rack with electronic circuit protector type ESX300-S.

ControlPlex®Rack with electronic circuit protector type ESX300-S.

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Technical Information:

The ControlPlex®Rack, a modular 19” rack integrated with ESX300-S electronic circuit protectors, ensures maximum uptime of your plant or system and reduces the risk of fire hazard through
current-limiting load disconnection and selective trip curve technology.

The ESX300-S ControlPlex®Rack is extremely energy-efficient. It significantly reduces power consumption through selective trip curve technology, which allows operators to program values when the system
should automatically be turned ON or OFF via remote signal. The ControlPlex®Rack requires less space within the overall system because it uses a smaller power supply and eliminates the need for energy storage.

The pluggable ESX300-S electronic circuit protectors can be replaced while the system is live. This helps to reduce downtimes because the system does not have to be switched off for maintenance or system expansions.
The ControlPlex®Rack provides superior safety by protecting operators against brush contact. Also, for additional flexibility the accessibility of the load terminals can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Technical data of the ControlPlex®Rack (bus-capable power distribution)

19" or ETSI/2U, others optional
Load channels up to 19 or redundant up to 2 x 9
Max. supply current 200 A or max. 2 x 150 A (redundant
Failsafe element Integral
Local status indication
2 LEDs
Voltage monitoring Integral
potentialfree group alarm
Control interface (optional)
integral BUS system with plug-in type
Ethernet interface card with SNMP protocol
(other protocols upon request)


Customer-specific design (optional)

height, design, terminal design etc.

Technical data of the ESX300-S (electronic circuit protector)

Current rating range
2 A, 5 A, 8 A, 12 A, 16 A, 20 A, 24 A
Voltage range (ETSI EN 300 132-2) DC -48 V / DC -60 V
Failsafe element Integral
Local status indication
2 LEDs
Voltage monitoring Integral
Temperature monitoring Integral
Active current limitation
at typically 1.2 times rated current
Short circuit disconnection after typically 10 ms

Features and Benefits:

- Reduced fire hazard through precise, selective failure disconnection.

-   System stability maintained by preventing voltage dips in the event of a short circuit.

-   Flexibility provided by hot-swappable circuit protectors.

- Pluggable load terminals reduce start-up time.

-   Reduced failure by extended display functions.

- Service and maintenance time minimized through data logging and automation via extendable control interface (optional).

For further technical details please refer to our data sheet.

FileDescriptionFile size
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