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Home Articles DOLD-Voltage and Frequency monitor RP 9811, multi-national

DOLD-Voltage and Frequency monitor RP 9811, multi-national

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Voltage- and Frequency monitor RP 9811, multi-national.


Norm-compliant net- and plant protection.


The new voltage- and frequency monitor RP 9811 of the VARIMETER NA family DOLD offers a safe and norm-compliant solution for the ideal net monitoring of the energy feeding into the public grid.

Easy and fast adjustment with only two rotational switches. With the first rotational switch you can choose a readjusted norm corresponding to the multi-national requirements. With the second rotational switch you can

choose the grid form easily and fastly. Done!

For other requirements you can adapt every parameter individually and menu-driven. All required measuring dimensions will be detected continuously from the device.

If there are ineligible voltage-and frequency values the RP 9811 disconnects the system from the grid.





· Voltage and frequency monitoring for decentralized distributed power generation plants

· Additional inputs allow the integration of your ripple control receiver- and plant concepts

· Wide auxiliary voltage range.


Flexible and easy to handle

· With only two rotational switches

· Depending on the norm or guide line it can be easily and quickly used due to readjusted parameters:

DIN VDE-AR-N-4105 (Distributed power generation plants for low voltage grid)

BDEW-guide line (Distributed power generation plants for middle voltage grid)

CEI 0-21 (Distributed power generation plants in Italy)

DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1 (Distributed power generation plants for low voltage grid)

· Deviated adjustments will be handled with simple menu navigation on display

· Diagnosis via multi-colour, illuminated LCD-display and LED technique



· Fail-safe with two-channel structure

· Password protection

· Manipulation protection through sealable cover

· Checksum test of adjusted parameters





The RP 9811 provides a safe monitoring according to the guide lines and ensures constant power supply grids. Moreover, the following applications are possible:

· By feeding too much energy into the public grid and consuming to little the frequency in the grid increases.

· The RP 9811 detects the increasing frequency and disconnects the plant from the grid.



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Download this file (Flyer_Eigenerzeugeranlagen_RP9811_F77.pdf)Data Sheet 570 Kb
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