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Home Articles ICOTEK - New EMC shield clamps for assembly on mounting plates

ICOTEK - New EMC shield clamps for assembly on mounting plates

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EMC shielding - made easy with LFZ-U/SKL.

The new generation EMC shield clamps for assembly on mounting plates. An efficient and safe EMC solution,that is easy to install.

Product Description:

SKL shield clamps are used where the shielding single cables must be connected to the ground potential. The shield clamps enable a safe and easy connection of the shielding of cables. The line itself will strain relief by cable ties in accordance with VDE standard over the cable outer sheath. Assembly of the shield clamp type DT-U | SKL is offered with M4 or M5 port. For installation, the existing screws, which are connected to the ground potential, can be used. It is sufficient to solve the screw anything that DT-U | SKL including push and tighten the screw.

Advantages of LFZ-U/SKL:

- Integrated strain relief
- Optimal contact of the cable shield
- Quick and easy assembly
- Permanent and continous pressure on the cable shield - adjustment of the spring load required
- Cost-effective solution
- Vibration-proof
- Maintenance-free

The assembly is quite EASY

- Loosen screw

- Push LFZ/SKL under screw

- Fix screw    EMC shielding - made easy with LFZ-U/SKL


For further information and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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